When Songhees Nation Chief Ron Sam sat down with Clipper Founder and Chair Merideth Tall in 2014, a powerful vision was born. The respective leaders quickly realized that they shared the same desire to create a special partnership to help increase exposure to Victoria’s deep roots in Songhees culture. The determined path forward? Food + Culture + Community. And really, really good food.

Rooted in the Songhees Nation’s deep history in Victoria and the surrounding region, our food truck offers a modern take on Songhees cultural tradition. Critically-acclaimed Victoria local, Chef David Roger, in collaboration with a number of Songhees Nation community members, built a vast menu with fresh local ingredients that authentically incorporates the craft and care of food preparation embodied by the Songhees. An extension of the Songhees Nation, the food truck is an accessible touchpoint in downtown Victoria where you can experience an important piece of our culture and community.

Songhees Dancer